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Deciding what kind of window treatments to use at home is a tricky design choice. Or is it really? Offered the choice between curtains and window blinds in my house I will pick curtains every time. To me blinds are purely practical which makes them well suited for offices and doctor’s waiting rooms. For houses and homes curtains will always be the best choice to make. They add some character to the rooms they are used and make any room feel a lot more homely. There are lots of good reasons to choose curtains over blinds. Below are a few of my reasons for using curtains in the home. Health It’s well known that blinds attract dust like nothing else. With increasing numbers of people suffering from asthma and dust allergies it is vital that your house is as free of dust as it’s possible to make it. Keeping window blinds free from airborne dirt and dust can be an impossible job that quickly becomes a real drag. Curtains are of course different. They do not need dusting every single day to stay clean and only require a quick going over with the hoover once per week. Insulation If you are concerned about the size of your heating bill and the sum it costs you every year you’ll want curtains in your house. Curtains are a great way of insulating a room and keeping heat in. Blinds have virtually no insulation qualities and so they are a good way to boost your heating costs. Style For most people the reason to pick curtains is simply how they look. There is an almost unlimited choice of colours and patterns to choose from that will complement any type of interior decor. Curtains are a great way to add style and character to the room. Blinds however just stop the light coming in. Whilst they do this well they are not is any way pleasing to look at. Bay Windows If you have a beautiful bay window the last thing that you should do is put in window blinds there. Installing blinds in bay windows is plain wrong and will make your home resemble an office. Rather than window blinds have a curtain pole made to measure or use curtain tracks that you could install yourself and that follow the bend of the wall or window. Reliability Is it me or do all window blinds eventually end up in a state of disrepair? Cords snap, they get twisted, damaged or jammed or the mechanism will just pack in. Venetian window blinds in particular are well known for having a complex mechanism which will break when it’s needed the most. Curtains are a different matter of course. They are dependable and easy to take care of and look after. Those reasons are just some reasons why curtains are better than blinds in the house Blinds are perfectly fine to use in office buildings and public buildings but in your house and home curtains will always be the best choice. You can find a set to complement any interior design and can of course pick out ready made or made to measure.

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