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Try a Painting Course at the Cambridge Art Academy

Learning how to paint and draw properly is a lifelong ambition for most people. However whilst art and painting is an extremely pleasurable and rewarding passion it is one that’s difficult to master and even knowing where to start can be hard. Is it easier to learn with watercolours and oils or is drawing with charcoals easier to master? What topics should you be painting? Outdoors or indoors? How much does it cost to begin and what do you need to get?

There are so many decisions to make that it is easy to feel daunted by them. Fortunately help is at hand for all those ambitious artists in the form of a new web site known as the Cambridge Art Academy. It has been brought out by Noel Garner a successful artist for over 27 years to help people learn how to paint at their own speed. Noel has been teaching classes and workshops in the united kingdom for quite some time and he is now for the first time sharing his wealth of expertise on the net.

Membership with the Cambridge Art Academy is totally free and when you join you are able to immediately begin to make use of Noel’s skills and knowledge. You will discover loads of useful articles and tips along with several videos of Noel in action as he goes through the basic steps of creating your very first piece of art. New academy users get a totally free beginners guide that covers everything you need to know about getting started with painting.

See Noel at the Cambridge Art Academy right now to discover the best way to learn to paint easily and quickly. Try a painting course with the Cambridge Art Academy.