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Springfree Trampolines Are The Safest Ever

Seeing that summer will soon be here once more youngsters all over the country will be asking their mom and dad for trampolines and climbing frames to play on in their backyards. At this point many concerned parents will say no because they are too dangerous bringing about summer long arguments and general grumpiness from the children.While trampolines are a great way to keep the kids entertained on a hot summers day they can be quite dangerous with thousands of young children needing a trip to A&E each year. Every year thousands of children find themselves in hospital with cuts, bruises or worse which they sustain from playing on trampolines. Thankfully an answer to the risks posed by trampolines has been created so youngsters can bounce away to their hearts content without fear of injury.

The trampoline has long been due a overhaul as the design of the trampolone has scarcely altered since it was first developed more than 70 years ago. One of the main problems with the old type of trampolines was the springs with wounds commonly sustained by either falling through or landing on the edge of the trampoline itself. The old answer to this concern was to cover the springs with padding however this was at best an inadequate answer with many injuries still being sustained and an expensive one as the extra padding would need changing every 2-3 years at a substantial cost. Trampolines that use Springfree technology have been developed to do away with these issues which have plagued trampolines since they were first made. Rather than springs bounce is supplied by a system of rods so that the frame and the spring system is now under the jumping surface helping prevent accidents and accidental injuries with the Springfree Softedge system. Other developments to ensure the safety of children include the Flexinet fencing system that is only found on Springfree trampolines. Nets have been used round trampolines for some time but as they were built using rigid stainlesss steel pipes they commonly did as much harm as good. The Flexinet enclosure is special since it uses a flexible frame system instead of steel pipes to carefully and safely guide youngsters back to the centre of the trampoline. This summer time in the event that you are thinking of buying a trampoline for your youngsters make sure that it is one that uses Springfree technologies to keep them safe as they play. You can discover a great range of Springfree trampolines and climbing frames online as well as buy trampolines in nearby toy store.