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Where to Find a Brilliant Range of Curtains

If you’re looking for the widest selection of blinds, curtains, curtain poles and accessories on the web go to the 24/7 Curtains website. They stock a massive choice of blinds from leading designers and brands like Jeff Banks and Velux blinds. Here are a couple of reasons why they are the leading supplier of online curtains in the united kingdom. Unparalleled Selection of Curtains, Window Blinds and Curtain Poles Let me guarantee that you will not find a more impressive selection of blinds or curtains anyplace on the web. They supply hundreds of different styles in a veritable rainbow of colors, textures and materials. So next time you may need a curtain pole, ready to use and made to measure curtains or window blinds for the home or office go to 24/7. Personal Service Occasionally shopping online can feel somewhat impersonal. Frequently it is just a case of browsing a website clicking on what you need to buy and then waiting around for it to be delivered. However 24/7 make an effort to offer all their customers a much more human and personal service. Unlike many of their online rivals they encourage you to get in touch with them by phone or Their staff are able to give you help and advice about placing your order, measurement, installing and also the free sample service offered by 24/7. Quality Products As you would expect from the one of the leading online providers of window blinds and curtains all items are manufactured to the very highest possible specifications. The truth is they’re so certain of the quality of their products that all products have a 3 year warranty which you won’t find at any other online curtain or window blinds supplier. For extra peace of mind there’s a 21 day no quibble returns policy if you should be in any way disappointed with your new curtains or blinds. Shipping And Delivery Many regular items on the website can be packaged and delivered for next day delivery to addresses inside the mainland United Kingdom. Just look for the fast- track option on the web site. All orders over £50 are eligible for free shipping so there really isn’t any reason to wait for your brand new blinds or curtains.

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Find a Great Choice of Curtains

Deciding what kind of window treatments to use at home is a tricky design choice. Or is it really? Offered the choice between curtains and window blinds in my house I will pick curtains every time. To me blinds are purely practical which makes them well suited for offices and doctor’s waiting rooms. For houses and homes curtains will always be the best choice to make. They add some character to the rooms they are used and make any room feel a lot more homely. There are lots of good reasons to choose curtains over blinds. Below are a few of my reasons for using curtains in the home. Health It’s well known that blinds attract dust like nothing else. With increasing numbers of people suffering from asthma and dust allergies it is vital that your house is as free of dust as it’s possible to make it. Keeping window blinds free from airborne dirt and dust can be an impossible job that quickly becomes a real drag. Curtains are of course different. They do not need dusting every single day to stay clean and only require a quick going over with the hoover once per week. Insulation If you are concerned about the size of your heating bill and the sum it costs you every year you’ll want curtains in your house. Curtains are a great way of insulating a room and keeping heat in. Blinds have virtually no insulation qualities and so they are a good way to boost your heating costs. Style For most people the reason to pick curtains is simply how they look. There is an almost unlimited choice of colours and patterns to choose from that will complement any type of interior decor. Curtains are a great way to add style and character to the room. Blinds however just stop the light coming in. Whilst they do this well they are not is any way pleasing to look at. Bay Windows If you have a beautiful bay window the last thing that you should do is put in window blinds there. Installing blinds in bay windows is plain wrong and will make your home resemble an office. Rather than window blinds have a curtain pole made to measure or use curtain tracks that you could install yourself and that follow the bend of the wall or window. Reliability Is it me or do all window blinds eventually end up in a state of disrepair? Cords snap, they get twisted, damaged or jammed or the mechanism will just pack in. Venetian window blinds in particular are well known for having a complex mechanism which will break when it’s needed the most. Curtains are a different matter of course. They are dependable and easy to take care of and look after. Those reasons are just some reasons why curtains are better than blinds in the house Blinds are perfectly fine to use in office buildings and public buildings but in your house and home curtains will always be the best choice. You can find a set to complement any interior design and can of course pick out ready made or made to measure.

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Next time you are deciding on window dressings for your home are you going to decide on blinds or curtains? It isn’t an easy decision to make but personally I feel that curtains are by far the better option. Blinds are fine for dentist’s waiting rooms and offices but for the house I would always choose curtains. They’ve got a lot more style and elegance than blinds and you can choose a set to match any kind of interior decor you might have.

Here are some of the reasons why I favor curtains in my house and also the reasons for picking them instead of window blinds.


Having a house that has no dust inside it is impossible. However it is possible to lower the amount of dust that gathers in your home. Window Blinds are a dust trap. In fact it would be very difficult to think of a better trap for dust than Venetian or horizontal window blinds. It’s like they were developed especially to gather as much dust as they can. To keep them dust free they have to wiped and dusted every single day or even more often. Curtains are very different. The amount of dust they attract is small and only need to be hoovered once a week.


With utility costs on an ever upward climb you should consider the insulating properties of your window dressings. When you have blinds over your windows you can expect your power bills to be substantially bigger. Blinds are of little use in winter when you are trying to keep your home warm and cosy. Curtains help insulate your home and can reduce your spending on energy bills.


One reason that so many people choose curtains instead of blinds is their appearance. There is a huge range of materials you can decide on and hundreds of different shades, patterns and colours which will match any kind of interior decoration you may have. Curtains are a good way to add style and character to the room. Blinds on the other hand just stop the light coming in. Although they do this well they’re not is any way attractive to look at.

Bay Windows

If your home has bay windows do not ruin them by installing blinds. Installing blinds in bay windows is plain wrong and will make your home resemble an office. Rather than blinds have an ornate curtain pole created or curtain tracks that follow the curve of the windows.


Is it me or do all blinds eventually end up in a state of disrepair? Either the cord breaks or the mechanism won’t work and they’re stuck up, down or somewhere in between. Venetian blinds in particular have reliability issues because the complex mechanism is prone to failure. Curtains on the other hand are easy to use and maintain and with a little care will give a lifetime of service to you.

Those are some of the reasons for choosing curtains. Blinds are acceptable for the office or public buildings but anywhere else curtains are always far better. You can get a set to go with any interior decoration and can of course pick out readymade or made to measure. Discover the best choice of curtains on the net at 24/7 Curtains.