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Commercial Waste Services in the UK

A lot of companies can easily save thousands of pounds each year by having their waste collection needs professionally examined. Substantial cost savings can be produced by having your trade waste requirements tested plus a waste service program designed which is adapted to your business’s particular needs and requirements.

Most business waste collection organizations will provide you with a free site survey of your firm’s waste removal needs that will evaluate if the current collections are too high or too low. They will also analyze the make-up of the waste to increase the amount of material which can be recycled as an alternative to being sent to landfill sites. Recycling as much waste as possible not only helps the environment but it may also decrease the total amount that your business needs to spend every month on waste collection services. Recycling is going to turn into a major issue for almost all companies within the near future with brand new guidelines being brought in by the authorities determining the quantity and sort of waste materials that may be sent to landfill sites. It is at present a legal requirement that any kind of electrical products such as fridges, Video’s etc must be recycled and the government is aiming to increase the percentage of other goods like paper, glass and cardboard that get recycled. Having your commercial waste and bin collection requirements properly assessed could save you 1000′s each month and help your organization to become greener and more environmentally friendly.