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Discover the Best Bakers in London

If you are looking for a cake for a special occasion go and visit The Ciabatta Bread Co. in London. They really are among the best bakers London that you are likely to find and can make a unique cake for you for just about any event.

Without doubt one of their specialities is creating unique wedding cakes for your wedding ceremony celebrations. In addition to classic wedding cakes they’re able to create a spectacular variety of cakes that have more in common with works of art and look almost too good to eat. Look at the web site for a picture gallery of a few of the London wedding cakes they’ve already made for their clients. The dark chocolate and roses wedding cake and also the white chocolate cigarillos topped with fresh strawberries are special favourites of mine. They have a comprehensive selection of cakes to select from or they will help you to design your own unique and individual wedding cake.

In addition to a great choice of wedding cakes you can find a cake for virtually every other special occasion you can imagine. There are cakes for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, christening and retirements all of which are equally delectable. Cakes can be produced in all shapes and sizes and if you’ve got a special request they will be more than pleased to think of a design to satisfy your needs and requirements regardless of how strange it may be. Some of the novelty cakes they’ve created so far include a Star wars Yoda, Luis Vuitton handbag sponge and also a Top Gear Sponge. The Ciabatta Bread Company is the place to go for celebration cakes London whatever the event.