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Holidays And Taking Photos

When we think about vacations we think about relaxation and how great it is to have nothing to do but enjoy some time away. But from the thought of it to the actual “away time”, there is a timeframe called “planning” which not all of us know how to do properly or enjoy at all. From buying the airplane tickets to tourist attractions selection and searching the best place for a traditional dinner, this process can be a headache. That’s why the hotel resorts invented the “all-inclusive” concept – you get what you pay for and no need to pay more. Though the all-inclusive is one of the best options for a vacation, it has some pitfalls you need to watch out for! And always remember not to forget your Fotobuch

1. Food – is unlimited, comes in a big variety and people love it. So let’s put it this way: you might be tempted to fill up your plate more than once and try all the delicious food assortments. When you get back home, you might carry a few pounds more, not in your luggage, but on your belly.

2. Package type – depending on the location and the facilities available, all-inclusive resorts target a specific category of travelers. Some are for singles, some are for the ones who want silence and relaxation and some are for families with children. Be thorough in your enquiries and make sure you don’t buy a vacation in a family resort if you are interested in finding a date. The opposite is valid, too. The children will have more fun where special activities are organized for them.

3. Not-included must-dos – if you chose a hotel and are happy with the package they offer, don’t limit yourself at that. Sometimes a tourist attraction, like dinner in a castle or a diving course could increase the cost of an all-inclusive package substantially and some must-dos might not be included in your package.

4. In the box – an all-inclusive package usually covers everything you need and some more to spoil yourself, but all these cover only a certain geographical area in and around the resort. At the end of the vacation you might find out that there was so much more to do and see outside the resort. Don’t stay in the box, or you might end up saying “I have been to Turkey and stayed at a wonderful beach resort, but haven’t seen a Turkish market”, which is so specific to Turkey that you have to see it.

5. Customization – is what all-inclusive vacations lack. The resorts need to stay in a price range, so customization can’t be considered. A package that is not customized to your wants including things you would never do is not going to be the vacation of your dreams (e.g. you are not a water person and the package includes a 5-day diving course). Look for a package that fits like a glove to both your preferences and budget!