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How To Recognize The Best Charm Bracelets

If you want to find the best choice of Chamilia jewellery go to the completely new Your Chamilia website. You will discover every one of the 500+ beads and charms in the 2011 collection and a great selection of necklaces and bracelets to use them on. Chamilia is regarded as one of the most collectible and popular jewelry ranges and it is loved by people of every age group. Why? Because just like the people that wear it, it is so distinctive. Just as no two people are ever totally alike so are no two items of Chamila jewelry. They all are as distinctive as the person who is wearing them. For those who have not encountered Chamilia jewellery before here is a quick explanation. It is a special jewellery system that allows the creation of entirely individual necklaces and bracelets. You can choose to add beads and charms from subjects such as family, birthstones, domestic pets and animals or just because they look nice. The most popular charm beads inside the collection are those based on the world of Walt Disney. You may use them to recreate favourite childhood moments and memories and create brand new ones. In the Disney Charm bead collection you’ll find all of your favourite Disney figures . Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh as well as a few of the muppets are all there. All the beads and charms within the collection are created with special love and attention by highly skilled craftsmen. A new improvement to the Chamilia jewellery selection for 2011 is letter charm bracelets. You can now make your bracelet even more personal by spelling your name in on your necklace. Of course it doesn’t need to be your name that you spell out. It may be your birth sign, favourite music group or even your favourite food! With new pieces being added to the range all of the time make sure that you visit the Your Chamilia site to learn what’s new.

Chamilia Jewellery – Distinctive Jewelry for Your Special One

The wide range of Chamilia jewellery has truly shaken up the jewellery world since it was first launched and it today has countless loyal fans in locations all around the world. Chamilia jewellery was formed in 2002 by founders Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski and has taken the usa by storm since that time and it is at this moment one of the most fashionable ranges of jewellery available. The popularity of Chamilia jewelery has increased each year and is currently one of the most collectible and highly regarded jewellery makes. The success of the jewelry range looks set to carry on once it’s released in Europe since there has already been a huge amount of interest in it from jewellery fans around the continent who understand great jewellery whenever they see it. The name Chamilia arises from the chameleon an animal which is distinctive in being able to alter colour and adapt similar to the jewellery that its name inspires. One of the best things concerning the range of Chamilia jewellery is the fact that it makes it possible for the individual identity of the person who is wearing it to stand out. Charms can be combined with or taken off necklaces and bracelets as your mood alters or to blend in with the clothing you’re wearing. This is exactly what helps make the range of Chamilia Jewellery so special and with fresh items being added to the collection frequently the quality as well as choice in the range is ever increasing. The selection of Chamilia jewellery is great for mixing and matching and a piece can be created to complement what ever ensemble you are wearing and whatever mood you’re in. The range of charms that Chamilia creates is growing all the time and there are at present more than five hundred distinct Chamilia beads to choose from. This ensures that it is extremely improbable that anyone else on the planet could have exactly the same combination of beads or charms on their bracelet as you. You are able to begin with one Chamilia charm bead and one bracelet and over time build a unique piece of jewelry that echoes who you are and marks the special times in your life. The range of charms consists of pieces created from sterling silver, 14k gold, Murano glass and Swarovski crystals and there’s one to mark every single special occasion in someone’s life. The Murano charm beads are in particular popular as they come in a remarkable selection of colours and also designs to suit any occassion. The latest ranges of Chamilia charm beads and Chamillia charm bracelets are proving to be extremely popular especially the innovative Disney charms which make great presents for old and young alike . Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to buy the cherished one in your life but the range of Chamilia jewelry make handling this difficulty easy. A Chamilia charm or a Chamilia charm bracelet is the ideal gift to mark the special events in your loved ones life and is sure to be cherished and appreciated forever.