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Raynauds Syndrome And Critical Illness Insurance

Raynauds syndrome affects your fingers, and there a various situations throughout a normal day that will leave you a feeling of pain. The condition will tend to effect anyone who works on a keyboard or does a lot of manual work and uses there hands a lot through the day. Your fingers may start to become pale and you could start to loose feeling or it may result in temporary numbness. The reason is because of the lack of blood supply to the fingers.

One of the main reasons why this occurs in some people is the cold weather, and or the use of equipment which causes a vibration to run through your hands. There are precautions which can be taken to reduce the likeliness of suffering from raynauds syndrome. You need to try and train your hands so that they become used to the cold and even feel warm in such climates. Firstly you will need to place your hands in a bowl of water which is warm for a few minutes and then dip them into a bowl of cold water for another couple of minutes. The reason why this gets your hands use to the cold is because the warm water makes the blood vessels open as such and then even though they are placed in cold water they still stay open so after this procedure has been repeated your hands will not spasm and leave you with full feeling.

There is also an exercise which helps to warm up someone’s by swinging your arm from behind to in front of your body in a downwards motion. Your body heat can be affected by the lack of iron in your body so if you are prone to such an illness then you should try and increase the level of iron intake as this will help with your thyroid metabolism. Foods which are high in iron are foods such as red meat, green vegetables and poultry. Another way to keep your body at the correct temperature is by wearing the appropriate clothing, and you should dress from the core and not just add on gloves to try and make your hands feel warmer. If you can you should try and eat a hot meal before you go out for a cold hard day at work, try eating some porridge or even some soup at lunch will help to keep your body warm if possible.

You also want to make sure that you are not dehydrated as this will cause a slight chill but avoid the caffeine as this can restrict your blood vessels pumping the blood around your body. You can go through life and suffer an illness which may not bare any permanent effects on your body or your life but most people will have to work till their retirement age and this figure is likely to increase so we need to try and maintain our body as healthy as possible and cover as many eventualities as possible if you were no longer able to work. One possibility is to consider life insurance or critical illness insurance, just in case you have to stop work or die before retirement. However most people only need this insurance until retirement as hopefully they will have no outstanding liabilities when they reach retirement. Then again especially nowadays that may not be the case and some people will need an insurance policy past their retirement age.